Why Choose Comet for UV/persulfate toc?
Comet’s Team has 45 years of experience in worldwide manufacturing, service and sales of Total Organic Carbon analyzers. During that time we delivered over 3,000 TOC analyzers, primarily of the UV Persulfate models. Our current models incorporate with the best available technology and provide advantages over competitive TOC analyzers. We, alone, provide as standard a far more functional real-time data logging and data management utility. It transmits outputs to remotely monitor or control various analyzer functions, such as pump speeds, flow directions, reactor operation and performance of the total analyzer and key components. Service personnel may find this a useful tool to prevent some “off-hour” emergency trips if first allowed to call up and observe the analyzer’s performance. Our data outputs can be directly converted to EXCEL to perform various User studies. 

Our newest technology NDIR, which is the heart of all TOC analyzers, encompasses capabilities heretofore unavailable. State-of-the-art detectors and infrared sources offer stability and lifetime to extend recalibrations to over a year in normal operation.

For growth potential and to support process changes, we use an industrialized computer for reliability, flexibility, and functionality rather than specialty processors, as others do.
Our service and warranty programs are among the best in the field. Our live technical support through Team Viewer allows the ability to observe and troubleshoot a User’s Comet analyzer remotely with User permission. This utility service is for the life of the analyzer and is at “no cost” to the User. This facility may allow the most rapid return to service in the event of a malfunction or required operating consultations.