Automatic Compliance Testing

Comet has eliminated time consuming and costly manual USP reporting procedures by providing automated validation testing and reporting, final procedures as illustrated by the following screens. These time-dated screens can be used in certified reports. Additionally, human error is minimized as well as the need for as many levels of manual supervisory controls.

Water Blank Screen

Reagent Blank is placed in "Test"sample position. Operator inputs information of certified "blank" water used to prepare standards & depresses "Start Blank" button. Results are automatically reported, saved and exported to "Cal. Verify".and "System Suitability" screens.
System Suitability Screen

Operator places System Suitability standard solution in the "Test" sample position and depresses "Start Validation" button. Automatic analysis of the calibration standard and the system suitability standard yields a "Pass" or "Fail" report.
Cal. Verification Screen

Operator places Calibration Standard Solution in "Test" Sample position and depresses "Start Validation" button. The current blank value is exported and an automatic analysis is performed. Results are saved, exported to "System Suitability" screen.
USP 645 Meter Accuracy / Calibration Verification

Precision Resistor Blank is used to verify Compliance with USP 645