About Us

Our corporate team has 45 years of TOC experience since 1969, having delivered over 3000 TOC analyzers worldwide. We hold multiple patents, NASA development contracts and the latest computation technology. Comet designs, manufactures, sells and services Process Analytical Instrumentation.

Our range of services include supply of equipment, installation, installation supervision, commissioning, training on aspects of instrumentation, and repair.

Our patents provide our customers with unique advantages. The systems we manufacture, while being very cost efficient, use rapid analysis techniques that provide continuous analysis of the measured parameter, being able to detect sensitivities in the range of Parts-Per-Trillion to over 100,000 Parts-Per-Million, thus enabling our customers to have real-time process information to control and optimize their process.

Our equipment is used in a wide range of industries, inluding: Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Power, Drinking Water, Heat Exchangers, Chemical, Petrochemical plus many others !

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Comet Analytics Team Prior Innovations in Water & Gas Analysis
1969 Team initiated; organized as Astro International Corp.

1971 First truly continuous TOC

1972 First non-catalytic High Temperature Combustion TOC

1973 First “salt trap” in combustion TOC

1976 First TOC specific NDIR

1981 First NDIR explosion-proof hazardous gas detector

1982 First UV/Heated Persulfate process TOC

1984 First TOC analyzer to use desktop computer

1985 First TOC analyzer for NASA space program

1997 First TOC analyzer to use onboard PC

1998 First dual-NDIRs / dual Reactors in a TOC

1999 First combination (5-method) Benchtop TOC

         First Microsoft Windows-CE computer use on Process TOCs

         First to have ALL Methods of TOC analysis in Single Analyzer

2000 First pump-less process TOCs

2002 Introduced Bench-Top Semi-Automatic TOC

2003 Introduced line of OEM NDIRs

2006 Introduced NeSSi compatible NDIRs

2008 Introduced first truly continuous Ozone Promoted/Hydroxyl Radical TOC

2008 Introduced first Process Dual Oxidation Methods TOC.

2009 Introduced Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen Modules for Liquid Reaction.

2011 Introduced First Parts-Per-Trillion PPT TOC using CO2 concentrator to obtain continuous Reliable PPT Analysis with up to 3,900% effective sensitivities over other standard analyzers.

The Comet TOC Team has delivered over 3,000 On-Line TOC analyzers to the Petro-Chem, Environmental and many other markets.